Founded in 2004, MERCO is the biggest Bitumen cut-back manufacturing facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Trading, Refining, Downstream.


MERCO is the largest Bitumen producer and trader for Petrochemical in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Physical trading, logistics, and distribution are at the core of the business but are complemented by refining, shipping, terminals, custom made production businesses. We are able to offer bitumen that meets the specifications of our customers.

We are a Market leader. A Largest private sector independent Bitumen, Petroleum products, Recycling and Trading of Steel, Waste Oil Recycling, trader various products from the Kingdom of Bahrain and in Saudi buying Products from Sabic and Aramco for internal use in Merco and trading there products too. Market-leading expertise and innovation across a global network. Supplier for world bank projects, united nation and top international project around the globe.


Throughout the years, MERCO developed strong capabilities in oilfield operations.



MERCO has developed strong capabilities of services in Plant Repairs and Maintenance, Waste Oil Recycling, Waste Oil Storage, Tank Cleaning, Oil Recycling, Material Packing.



For over four decades, we have managed to create reliable strategic partnerships through agency agreements and joint ventures with one of the leading names in the industry.

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